All of our puppies are AKC registered, we only breed French Bulldogs, all of our adults are vet checked annually for, eyes, heart, ears, teeth, hips and knees, all of our males are OFA Certified. Our puppies leave here to their new homes with their AKC Registration, Vaccination Record, Written health examination form, a current Health Certificate, instructions, Microchip registration information and a puppy park, which consists of their puppy food, a plush toy, a chew toy and first puppy collar. We believe in excessive love and attention for our bulldog puppies. Every puppy is cared for as a welcomed member of our family and each bulldog puppy has a unique place in our hearts. Together with Pitfall Kennels we believe in proper care and producing healthy bulldog puppies with a 1 year guarantee against terminal illness. Producing a healthy and sound pup is our main priority.
                                                                                         As are we particular about who we adopt our puppies to. Unlike some breeders that build their reputation by continuously producing puppies all year long for money, we focus on one litter at a time because we don’t do this as means of ending a living but because of the love we have for this breed. Unfortunately, there are some who choose to produce puppies purely out of greed rather than enjoyment. There is no way a breeder can give the same love and attention to all of their puppies if they are having multiple litters at once, and clearly have no interest into where their puppies end up.
Selective Breeding
Our terriers are completely health tested including
hip and elbow scoring, eye tested annually, DNA
tested for PRA and CNM. Puppies are also tested
clear for HNPK.
In House Training
We’ll train a dog for you if you like! They will
understand over 200 words and gestures after
getting our rigorous program done. You’ll be
amazed, believe us!
Raise With love
All of our champion dogs live in the house and are
not kenneled at any time! We are a kennel club
accredited breeders with more than twenty years
of experience in the field.